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If your pet shows signs of Peridontal Disease...

The first step is to call us to set up a dental exam. One of our experienced Veterinarians will take a thorough look into your pet's mouth and check for any signs of problems. Based on their findings, they will grade/stage your pet's oral health. There are four grades/stages that a pet's mouth can be placed in, one being the healthiest and four having the most advanced stages of Periodontal Disease. 


The Four Grades/Stages of Dental Disease 

Grade One

Gum line is red & inflammed (Gingivitis) 

  • Visibile plaque accumulation (Calculus) 
  • No tissue attachment loss

Normally with a proper dental cleaning followed up by routine dental care at home, the damage can usually be reveresed. 

Grade Two

If Gingivitis goes untreated the mouth can then progress to Grade II Dental Disease. 

  • Swelling & recession of the gums
  • There is up to 25% tissue attachment loss
  • Moderate amount of calculus accumulation and gums usually bleed when probed. 
  • In cats resorptive lesions can be seen at this stage. 

Grade Three

  • Moderate Periodontis present
  • Heavy amount of calculus on the teeth
  • Gingivitis is present
  • up to 50% of tissue attachment loss
  • Some mobility of the teeth
  • Roots may be exposed due to severe gum recession

Grade Four

This is the most advanced stage of Periodontal Disease. 

  • Severe infection around teeth
  • Heavy calculus accumulation
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Blood/sometimes puss can be seen around the gum lines
  • Greater than 50% tissue attachment loss
  • Severe mobility of the teeth
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