When it’s time for your pet’s surgery, we will spend some time making them comfortable and preparing them for sedation. Our hospital uses only the safest and most effective anesthetic products, and we tailor our pain management approach to each patient. 


Before moving forward with any operation, your pet will be carefully evaluated to ensure that he or she is healthy enough to proceed. 


New techniques and anesthetics have made today’s procedures much safer than in the past, but be aware that no surgical procedure is without risk.  To reduce that risk as much as possible, we perform pre-operative lab evaluation.  Should an abnormality exist, we will either contact you before proceeding or take steps necessary to reduce risk as much as possible. If your pet has had comprehensive lab tests in the last six months, we will not repeat these tests unless needed.



Ensuring the health and safety of your pet during surgery is our utmost concern and requires an anesthetic and monitoring regimen that adheres to the highest principles and ideals of quality care.

We provide your pet with state-of-the-art anesthetic administration that is monitored by our skilled veterinary technicians.


While under anesthesia your pet is cared for by one of our well-trained and experienced veterinary technicians using our monitoring system, which tracks blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, and oxygen level.


During Surgery

During your pet’s surgery, the doctor will work with great precision and care to complete the procedure as efficiently as possible. Our care team will remain on hand – before, during and following surgery – to monitor your companion’s well being using the most modern equipment available.


Once surgery has concluded, we will carefully relocate your pet to our quiet recovery area. Someone from our team will reach out to you to explain how everything went, discuss any findings and arrange for you to come retrieve your pet. When you arrive to bring your companion home, aftercare instructions will be explained fully. We want to help get your pet on the road to a full and speedy recovery.

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